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Hike Strong Podcast

Marcus Shapiro | Hiking Strength and Conditioning Coach

Confidence-building content for Hikers, Trekkers, Backpackers, and Mountaineers. The Hike Strong Podcast is where the fusion of fitness and hiking discussions will awaken the brain to unlock your true trail-crushing potential.  

Marcus and his guests frequently talk about iconic hiking destinations and how to get in shape for them.  Look out for training and exercise-only episodes as well.  Listen often for destination-specific episodes to build your bucket list of iconic trail adventures.  Invite your friends to listen.  And then make plans to crush an iconic hike at least one time per year – with friends!  Train | Hike | Repeat

Marcus Shapiro is a hiking strength and conditioning coach and the founder of Fit For Trips. He is a pioneer in the online hiking training industry and coaches adventurers every day, helping them to get physically prepared for their dream hiking, trekking, and backpacking trips.